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“Patient care means caring for patients” says Dr Albert Levy, who has built up long-lasting, caring relationships with patients and their families over the years. “My role is to care for the physical, mental and emotional needs of patients of all ages and the more knowledge and experience you accumulate the more effective you become in fulfilling this role”


Dr Albert Levy and his team of Healthcare Providers are continually up to date with the latest medical treatments and technologies. They also guide you to some of the best consultants, specialists and community services when necessary.

Roechelle Montenegro, NP is also a certified Medical Weight Loss clinician and can help you reach your weight loss goals with weekly medication, weigh-ins, diet and exercise plans and monitoring lab work so you can lose weight effectively and safely.

Preventive Care

Manhattan Family Practice advises patients to make and keep regular appointments for ongoing health matters.

Here are some of the procedures and examinations that are recommended:

  • Annual comprehensive physicals and regular check-ups,

  • Regular gynecological exams and other issues relating to women’s health,

  • Screening tests (for high blood pressure, high cholesterol, osteoporosis),

  • Cancer detection tests (for colon, prostate, breast, cervical, testicular),

  • Routine immunizations & Travel Vaccines like TETANUS, PERTUSSIS & DIPTHERIA (up-date every 10 years),

  • Flu shots and pneumococcal shots are strongly advised for over 50s and those with certain medical conditions such as asthma, high blood pressure or diabetes,

  • Shingles Vaccine is now recommended for patients over 50 years of age.

Dr. Levy examining an older man